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Army NCO Counseling Pack All in one Updated August 2018

Counseling Soldiers has always been a challenge for new Noncommissioned
Officers so our team of NCOs has created over 60 Counseling Statement
Examples with updated forms and regulations to provide all NCOs the best
resource needed to produce clean and to the point counseling statements.
Product features include:

  • Over 60 Counseling Statement Examples in PDF Format
  • Free Quarterly Updates sent to you by Email
  • 24/7 Support via Email and Live Chat
  • Download to your Smart Phone or Tablet so you can work anywhere
  • Includes the Army Legal Handbook, Senior NCO and NCOER Guides
  • Money Back Guarantee

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Late For Duty
Soldier Debt
Overweight Counseling
APFT Failure
Under Age Drinking
Failure to Report
Diagnostic APFT Failure
Low APFT Score Prior to BLC
Overweight Prior to BLC
Excess Leave
Travel Pass
Monthly Overweight
Safety Counseling
Magic Statement
Failure to Conduct Risk Assessment
Disobeying an Order
Drunk on Duty
Letter of Reprimand
Negligent Weapons Discharge
Emergency Leave
Motorcycle Safety
Redeployment Safety
Improper Use of Prescription Drugs
Underweight Counseling
Off Limits Areas
No Contact Order
Inappropriate Relations
Protective Order
Monthly Counseling
BLC Counseling
Family Care Plan
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
Promotion Counseling
Loss Military Property
Domestic Issues
Lost Military ID Card
Bar To Reenlist
Government Travel Card
Corrective Training
Initial Family Care Plan
Invalid Family Care Plan
NCO Quarterly Counseling
Tuition Assistance
AWOL Letter Home
AWOL Point Paper
GT Score Improvement
Off Duty Employment
Initiate FLAG
Transfer FLAG
Marriage Counseling
Good Job Counseling
Good Conduct Medal Not Approved
Failure to Follow the Chain of Command
Late/Failed Appointments
Includes the following Counseling Examples:
The New NCOER - Key Changes See Also NCOER Frequently Asked Questions
Military Schools Update

The New NCOER is designed to eliminate rater inflation

• Applicable to all Army components (Regular Army, Reserve, and Guard)

• Three NCOER forms aligned with Army Leadership Doctrine (ADP 6-22)
DA Form 2166-9-1A NCOER Support Form
DA Form 2166-9-1 SGT (Direct)
 DA Form 2166-9-2 SSG-1SG/MSG (Organizational)
 DA Form 2166-9-3 CSM/SGM (Strategic)

• Rater Tendency Label (i.e. rating history) for Raters of SSG-CSM/SGM;
imprinted on completed NCOER

• Senior Rater Profile established for SSG-CSM/SGM; managed at less
than 50% for “MOST QUALIFIED” selection
 Identifies best performers and forces leader accountability

• Delineation of Rating Official Roles/Responsibilities
 Rater assesses performance;
 Senior Rater assesses potential

Assessment Format

 Bullet comments (SGT-1SG/MSG)
 Narrative comments (CSM/SGM)

Senior Rater – narrative comments for all NCOs

•New Support Form aligned with Army Doctrine (ADP 6-22)
 New Senior Rater comments box
 Senior Rater should counsel at least twice during rating period

•Supplementary Reviewer : when the Senior Rater is a 1LT and below; in
certain situations (i.e., no uniformed Army-designated rating officials, Senior
Rater or someone outside the rating chain directs relief)

•Prohibits creation of large senior rater populations (pooling)
Army NCOER Guide