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Army NCOER Guide
From HRC, Enlisted Military Schools Branch, MLC Team:
Please be advised that MLC seats are currently being filled in a manner that will meet promotion strength
requirements by CMF/MOS. Soldiers are being scheduled by CMF/MOS based upon promotion projections reports.
Soldiers will receive an ATRRS-generated email once they are scheduled for the course; the location where the Soldier
is scheduled is based upon the next available course date. You may or may not get scheduled to attend MLC at Fort
Campbell - it just depends on when your name comes up to be scheduled along with the next available course report
date,regardless of location.

Further MLC details from the HRC MLC Team:

First and foremost congratulations on your or your Soldiers selection to promotion to MSG.
Please be advised HRC Military Schools Branch (MSB), Master Leader Course (MLC) Team is scheduling the SFC (P)
Selectees, In Accordance With (IAW) Date of Rank (DOR)/Assigned Sequence Number based on strength, density,
and with the promotional needs and requirements of the MOS/Converted MOS and the U.S. Army.

Therefore, SFC (P) Selectees will be scheduled accordingly for MLC for either the Resident or Non-Resident (DL) Phase.
Soldiers will not have the option to choose whether they can be scheduled for the MLC Resident or Non-Resident Course.
HRC MSB MLC Team will make that determination for which MLC Course option a Soldier will be scheduled based on
eligibility, availability and scheduling priorities. Priority of scheduling for the MLC Non-Resident will be the same as for the
MLC Resident Course.

In addition, HRC MSB MLC Team will make the determination of which MLC location the SFC (P) Selectee will be
scheduled. That determination will be based on DOR and order of precedence. Therefore, if a Soldier is as with assigned
to an installation with an NCOA that facilitates MLC, that Soldier may not necessarily get scheduled for that MLC location.
if the Soldier is being considered for an MLC Resident Course, and the Soldier is OCONUS, he/she must at least be outside
of 6 months of DEROS in order to be scheduled for MLC.

Locations for MLC are as follows: Ft. Bliss, TX (Proponent), Ft. Hood, TX, Ft. Campbell, KY, Ft. Stewart, GA, Ft. Bragg, NC,
JBLM (Lewis), WA, and ARSOF MLC (JFKSWCS) for CMF 18, 37 & 38.

SFC (P) Selectees cannot request an earlier MLC Class Date, submit a DA 4187 Short Notice, submit an ATRRS A-1
Applications nor can he/she walk-on if they are at an installation that has an NCOA that facilitates MLC.

On behalf of the HRC MSB MLC Team, we ask you to please be patient with us and please understand that you,
the SFC (P) Selectee will be scheduled accordingly for MLC.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding MLC, please contact the undersigned.

Thank You


Mr. Desmond E. Hoorn
MLC Manager (Active Component ONLY)
Military Schools Branch
United States Army Human Resource Command
Fort Knox, KY 40122
Office: (502) 613-4953
Team: (502) 613-5918

SFC Orlando Petersen
Military Schools Branch
United States Army Human Resource Command
Fort Knox, KY 40122
Office: (502) 613-5574
Team: (502) 613-5918