DA Form 2166-9-1 NCOER Front Page

Administrative data is the same for all reports

Supplementary reviewer required when the senior rater is a 2LT-1LT, WO1-
CW2, or SFC-1SG/MSG; and in certain situations

Part II, block d2 – Rated NCO’s signature verifies seeing the report and the
accuracy of administrative data in Part I, rating chain and counseling dates
in Part II, duty description in Part III, and APFT and HT/WT data in Part IV

Part IV
Bullet comments for Direct- and Organizational-level reports
Narrative comments for Strategic-level report
Direct-level Report (SGT) – Page 2

Focuses on proficiency and is developmental in nature; aligns with Army

Assessment based on 2-box scale

Rater – bullet format

Unconstrained senior rater box check

Senior rater – narrative format
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