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The New NCOER - Key Changes See Also NCOER Frequently Asked Questions
Military Schools Update

The New NCOER is designed to eliminate rater inflation

• Applicable to all Army components (Regular Army, Reserve, and Guard)

• Three NCOER forms aligned with Army Leadership Doctrine (ADP 6-22)
DA Form 2166-9-1A NCOER Support Form
DA Form 2166-9-1 SGT (Direct)
 DA Form 2166-9-2 SSG-1SG/MSG (Organizational)
 DA Form 2166-9-3 CSM/SGM (Strategic)

• Rater Tendency Label (i.e. rating history) for Raters of SSG-CSM/SGM;
imprinted on completed NCOER

• Senior Rater Profile established for SSG-CSM/SGM; managed at less
than 50% for “MOST QUALIFIED” selection
 Identifies best performers and forces leader accountability

• Delineation of Rating Official Roles/Responsibilities
 Rater assesses performance;
 Senior Rater assesses potential

Assessment Format

 Bullet comments (SGT-1SG/MSG)
 Narrative comments (CSM/SGM)

Senior Rater – narrative comments for all NCOs

•New Support Form aligned with Army Doctrine (ADP 6-22)
 New Senior Rater comments box
 Senior Rater should counsel at least twice during rating period

•Supplementary Reviewer : when the Senior Rater is a 1LT and below; in
certain situations (i.e., no uniformed Army-designated rating officials, Senior
Rater or someone outside the rating chain directs relief)

•Prohibits creation of large senior rater populations (pooling)
Army NCOER Guide